Всевірменський фонд "Айастан"


Hayastan All Armenian Fund was founded by a Presidential Decree in March 1992 in a turbulent and testing time for our newly independent homeland. Natural disaster, war, blockade, economic and social meltdown all threatened to break the fragile new republic and take away the dream of freedom we had cherished for so long.

And yet the Armenian spirit prevailed as all Armenians, scattered around the world, stood together as one in a potent statement of unity within diversity. Hayastan All Armenian Fund became the structure that enabled every Armenian to personally contribute and get involved in the revival of Armenia and Artsakh. It became the mechanism for effective and practical solutions to the biggest, toughest challenges of the day.

From the ground zero of the earthquake in Armenia to the war torn villages and towns of Artsakh, the Fund has always been where the help was needed most. The times change and so do the challenges facing the now steadily developing Armenia and Artsakh. New challenges require new solutions and Hayastan All Armenian Fund has continuously displayed the ability to successfully adapt and adjust to this ever changing environment bringing innovative solutions to complex issues.

These strategically important issues are defined by the Board of Trustees – the supreme governing body of the Fund. Under the Fund’s charter, the President of the Republic of Armenia is ex officio the President of the Board of Trustees. The Board also includes many prominent individuals and representatives of spiritual, political, non governmental and humanitarian institutions both from Armenia and the Diaspora.

The on the ground implementation of the singled out objectives is done by the Fund’s Executive Board that is based in Yerevan. Along with this central coordination body, Fund has Affiliate offices worldwide that work closely with the local Armenian communities. Each community brings its invaluable input in realizing the Hayastan All Armenian Fund initiatives via their local Affiliate offices. Currently, the Fund has Affiliate offices in USA (Los Angeles and New York), France, Canada (Toronto and Montreal), Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Lebanon, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Greece, Cyprus and Syria.

Since 1996, the Fund holds annual Telethons. In the years since the first Telethon, this event has gone far beyond the boundaries of a simple fundraiser. Today, via the modern means of communication Telethon is a medium that succeeds in bringing together Armenians from all over the world around one goal, one vision, one dream that each of us can help make a reality.

Along with the Telethon, the Fund organizes annual phoneathons that are held in European countries with hundreds of volunteers reaching out to the Armenian families across Europe. Similar events are organized in Argentina and Lebanon as well.

Over the course of the last eighteen years, this unwavering support of the Armenian people has enabled the Fund to embark on challenging endeavors such as the Earthquake Relief Initiative, Winter 92-94 Humanitarian Project, construction of Goris-Stepanakert and North-South highways as well as the revitalization of hundreds of schools, hospitals, massive water and gas supply networks and other key elements of infrastructure.

Today, the Fund’s focus is on breathing a new life into the rural areas of Armenia and Artsakh, which have been hit the hardest by the difficulties that are now threatening the very existence of these vitally important communities. To help these villages recover and develop, the Fund is rebuilding the essential infrastructure while also stimulating the local economies to create jobs and give people the tools to build their own future.

Sixteen years and 700 completed projects in Armenia and Artsakh later, Fund has come a long way and in spite of all the difficulties and obstacles, together Fund can make dream of a prosperous Armenia and Artsakh a reality.

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